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Unblock Wealth With Hypnotherapy: Oath of Prosperity

Unblock Wealth With Hypnotherapy: Oath of Prosperity. For a customized, audio-recorded hypnotherapy session emailed to the privacy of your home or office anywhere in the world, contact me at www.HypnoLux.com. In the meantime, feel free to listen to this wealth and abundance session as often as you wish.

Money has a vibration and a signature of its own. In this hypnotherapy session, your prosperity consciousness can be unblocked to finally begin attracting the wealth and abundance you deserve.

Hypnosis is a focused state of awareness that relaxes you and allows me to work on a sub-conscious level to help you make positive improvements in your life. A deep state of hypnosis provides a pleasant experience where you remain focused and aware, but slip into the most relaxing and luxurious state of mind and body you could imagine. Hypnosis is safe and effective. You never surrender your will or become controlled. Hypnosis does not override your free will. The only people who truly cannot be hypnotized are those who do not wish to be.

Powerful Abundance Meditation – Manifest Your Dreams!

This guided meditation will ignite the powerful creator within you – attracting abundance and the life of your dreams.

Bob Proctor – Abundance Meditation

Bob Proctor is one of the most sought-after leaders in professional coaching and business seminars, as featured in the popular film The Secret. He has taught thousands of people worldwide on how to shift their consciousness in order to create fulfilling relationships, successful careers and financial stability. Let Bob Proctor walk you through this wonderful meditation that will open you to the happiness, love and abundance you deserve.

I AM Affirmations For Money, Wealth, Health & Happiness Subliminals Visualization Meditation

I Am Affirmations For Money, Wealth, Health & Happiness Subliminal Visualization Meditation is the best wealth affirmations meditation video on the web. It eloquently brings all of your dreams and manifestations within reach, with music made to bring endless money.

Financial Abundance Meditation – Abraham Hicks

15 Minute Financial Abundance Meditation. Manifest wealth and financial well being.

This is a 15 minute guided meditation by Esther Hicks who channels Abraham. Set to relaxing and scenic photos it’s perfect for falling asleep to or using for daily visualization to attract and manifest your financial goals. Hope you enjoy.