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7 Days Success Retreat

Join the health, wealth & success program in France, Burgundy, Morvan.

7 Transformational Days

Take A Powerful Journey

How Will Success Retreat Help You Fulfill Your Potential?

The Success Retreat program given by Syms Health Planet LTD, is a unique experience. We are gathering together a small group of success oriented entrepreneurs, coaches, business leaders etc. from around the world, who have bold dreams and an insatiable drive to make a difference.

Using some of the most exclusive trainings from around the globe, we will show you the exact tools and techniques you can use to create a healthy, successful, thriving business and a fulfilling personal life.

This is an exclusive event. We are keeping the numbers very limited (maximum 14 attendees). Unlike some of the mass group experiences, you will get a truly personalized experience, and we will be able to tailor our trainings to the group’s needs. A more intimate group also means that you will have the chance to make real connections.

You will be sharing this experience with a select group of like-minded individuals who are also ready to level up. Together you will get to expand your horizons personally and professionally, explore your highest potential while creating powerful connections that will last a lifetime.

We intend to keep the calibre of participants high, this is for you if:

  • You have reached the point in your life where you are looking for the next level. 
  • You have done some personal development but have reached a plateau.
  • You want to maximize your personal and business potential.
  • You are ready to overcome the blocks that have been holding you back.

If this sounds like you,  Just send us an email info@worldhealthplanet.com to book a time to have a chat, ask your questions and see if this is a good fit.

Imagine knowing how to master your mind and body, and having the ability to operate from your unique zone of genius.

Imagine having the specialized techniques that allow you to effortlessly increase your health, wealth and productivity.

Bring JOY to every second of your life by living intentionally, using simple techniques that will show you how to master the power of presence.

Gain CLARITY around your direction and goals, so that every action is purposeful and taking you closer to your ultimate destination (when you master this you’ll have the ability to get much more from everything you do.)

Tap into deep, inner COURAGE and take your confidence to new levels, allowing you to achieve greatness where you would previously have hesitated.

EXPAND your comfort zone by first identifying, then breaking, the habitual patterns that have been keeping you trapped. (When you master this, you will be able to do what you never thought possible).

Master The Ability To Realize Your Greatness.